How to be protected and invisible on the internet.

Ok so  I’ve been reading of all this Valut7 big news around and I saw that people have been making and giving advice as of “How to be protected on the internet” and I wanted to give just another advice. My personal.

Avoid Public Wifi This is maybe one of the most important advice which I feel to give because with nowadays life style we are constantly moving left and right, because of work or running to our social activities and maybe we stop in a Starbucks or another whatever. Boom we notice a free wifi and maybe we are out of Mobile Data on our Mobile Plan and we know that this guy is checking or we feel the urge to get on the internet even for a quick check or we actually are chilling in the Internet Cafe and we are browsing our Amazon wish list. There… Do Not Do That! At least not if you don’t have any sort of protection such as a VPN and even with a VPN, is recommended that if you can help yourself to wait until you’re home it’s way safer.

Use a VPN Buy an annual subscription to a VPN and get used to leave it always on, on all your devices. These are two which I’d recommend: NordVPN, PIA VPN. Is better if you try some before buying an annual subscription so to find out which one works best for you.

Use two-factor authentication Two-Factor Authentication happens to be almost everywhere, from websites to your email and even video games! My best advice is to consider using it on your most important accounts. Be it your game account or your email, but especially anything related to your cash.

Use a safe browser and search engine that does not track you. Consider using one of the browsers listed here to replace your current one.

Again put behind your choice some researchers in order to find out which one works best for you. Personally I’d recommend Pale Moon which employs DuckDuckGo search engine, so that your searches are not stored anywhere and you’re not being tracked.

Stick to Do you miss the results from google searches? Do not worry! Just use the keyword !g or !google before your search. The ! Can also be used to redirect your search to Wikipedia with !w or Reddit with !r . But there is more and I will let you explore the other shortcuts.
Debloat Windows 10 I think is common knowledge that Microsoft has made of Windows 10 a Big Brother look alike, but Windows 10 is actually a good powerful OS and lets face the truth replacing Windows may be problematic for most of us. Do not fear! O&O ShutUp10 is a freeware which can help us debloat Windows 10 and enjoy this OS without worrying about eyes creeping on us. As always, some research does not hurt.
Passwords Turn on your phone’s password protection even if you are using Touch ID (Let’s be honest, that shit works 1 time on 3). Use different passwords for different services.

If you want to go even further these are two things which you could do extra:
Use a modified Hosts file for example put some extra search on this if you’re not as familiar.
Use some secure DNS for example OpenDNS from Cisco. Pick your flavor
There is so much more which you could do, from replacing your antivirus (I advice BitDefender) to encrypting your storages, but I think that this is a good enough list.