After comparing side by side multiple information sources here there is a Syria Recap:

-Just AFTER the U.S. strikes the U.N. Russia and U.S. call for an investigation over the chemical attack.
-Assad has been leading and was being victorious over ISIS, had an alliance with Russia and just days before the chemical episode Assad had tightened the relationship with U.S. , unless Assad was completely retarded he had close to 0% reasons to launch a chemical attack. 
-ISIS got a huge benefit from both the Chemical Attack and the Air Strike.
-American prove of strength was pointless and accomplished literally nothing from a military point of view. Pure politics.
-It was confirmed, by U.S. in the front line, that Assad and Syria had no more Chemical weapons. Yet U.S. has taken a big risk without further investigation. The President acted because “emotionally broken” over a doubtful video. Please do notice, and this is really important, it’s not the first time that Mass Media Weapons have been used in those areas. 
-The Gas was not Sarin, the hospital which had the victims was later bombed down.
-Pictures and Videos do prove that the Gas was not Sarin.
-Rumors spreading that the material have been processed just to lure Trump into a trap. From the previous points we can have an idea who could have benefited from that.
-Syria made it clear that any further bombing from the U.S. will result in a direct attack towards Israel. (Will lead to a huge scale conflict)

Seems rather clear that someone played a good chess match and had these 3 leaders by the nose.


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