My honest review of UCertify.

I always had a passion for technology ever since I was a child. I’ve been an active community member here and there on different tech groups. Currently I own a CCENT and I’m studying towards a CCNA and is superfluos saying I was happy to learn that I was one of the winners of the uCertify Cisco quiz contest. I just want to provide you with an honest and non processed review:


Nice Bundle options, wide variety. Clean website interface, which looks very professional. Gives me a good positive feeling. Easy and quick to reach to your courses. Again surprised by how clean but yet professional it looks. Positive Impression. Great communication, great customer service! Ipad application and Iphone application a bit buggy and laggy. It has a nice completion feature which makes sure you really have to pass through some chapters, even if you want to skip them, you end up quickly reviewing them just to mark them as “read” and often happens that I land my eyes on something which captures my attention. Love it! Flawless short and coincise explanations easy to read and understand. I love the quick Knowledge Check at the end of a chapter! The Glossary is something literally amazing, super useful and super easy to use!

Although as I kept reading through the book, the % stood at a sad 1% and even if I’ve completed some quizzes, to 2%. I hoped for them to have their own course rather than just handing out the “Official Cert Guide” of Wendell Odom. To conclude, I never been the book type of guy, I find myself learning better by watching videos or listening to audios, but the UCertify platform made it somewhat easier. I feel like I’d probably mention UCertify to somebody whose study approach includes books. But for me, it doesn’t work.

Lessons, Flash Cards, Knowledge Checks, Quizzes, Practice Tests were all included on their online platform. All I needed were my log in credentials.
Do note that this review was done for the ICND2 course of .


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